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Embodying a Kaizen Lifestyle

Technology is constantly changing and evolving so it takes a group of people to evolve with it. The kaizen philosophy is embracing positive change or “change good” in Japanese. Here we make sure that we understand and adapt to the new technologies that we have in this age of technology.

Security Testing

Website vulnerability testing

Professional vulnerability testing for corporate websites.

Wireless auditing

Wireless access point penetration testing.

Social engineering testing

Phone system testing, physical data leakages, human intelligence testing.

Penetration testing

Like a flu shot, your network needs to get tested to grow stronger. Kaizen get’s the job done and explains what happened in actual English


How We Work

HIPAA compliance

With access to the best in the business, get your systems HIPAA certified up to date ✨

CMMC government contracting compliance

Starting Q2 of 2020 there will be a major update for security standards on government contracting jobs selecting the best companies to stay updated in their security to remain in a position to continue to take on government contracts.

CCPA compliance

The CCPA or the California Consumer Protection Act begins enforcement on January 2020 which holds heavy fines for businesses that are not compliant. Get updated sooner than later.

System security fortification

Keeping your valuable data secured one security measure at a time. If your data is the new gold then digital security is the new vault

Managed services

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Artificial intelligence analytics

Using modern-day artificial intelligence technologies to process data to get real-world applicable information.

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